Callum Lory

A firm belief of mine is that video games, as an artistic medium, have an unlimited potential for telling stories. Whether those stories are ones told through written narrative and characters, through emergent gameplay, or through shared experiences with other people, what makes them stand out to us as individuals is our direct involvement. Our agency within the art.

This mindset isn't what got me playing video games —my brothers took care of that— but it's what got me developing them. I've spent several years now programming and designing games, and have come to appreciate both as incredibly creative forms of problem solving, constantly demanding innovation. Coming up with new systems and ways to implement them is something I’ll just never get bored of.

As a developer and producer at Ampersand Game Studios my goal is to ensure that at the end of the day a quality game is made, and that it immerses players and gives them a great experience, and as a result a great story.

Another key role I have at the studio is company director. With the help of Carl, I manage operations and long term plans.
We work together to ensure the sustainable growth that we envision for the company.

Creating games is a true passion of mine, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to live in a time where video game development is as accessible and possible as it is today.