Midnight Wave

Midnight Wave is a samurai cyberpunk tactical action RPG with immense customisation, narrative choice, and innovative gameplay mechanic combinations, set in a world full of katanas, mega corporations, and elemental powers. Inspired by legendary classic titles such as Fire Emblem and Super Smash Brothers and more recent games like the Mass Effect series, Midnight Wave invites you to take part in a total genre mash-up adventure like no-other!
Check the game out on Steam.

Midnight Wave TrailerPF.gif

We have been collaborating with Walthall Studios on their new game since the very early stages of the project. We’ve helped it grow from ideas and concepts, into something playable.

We initially handled only the programming of the project, however over the course of development we’ve also become more involved with the game’s design.

We’re very excited to share the game with everyone, and see what you think!

  • Innovative Combat: Plan your attacks on the tactical map, then battle them out in a platform fighter duel! No more RNG percentages. You control the action. 

  • Old School Aesthetic: We've got pixel art vibes that'll make you drown in nostalgia! 

  • Narrative Choice: The story is yours, say what you want, do what you want, and make difficult choices that shape the world.

  • Characters and World: Everything is fleshed out! Explore and learn more about characters and the world, and watch as they react to your actions.

  • Customisation: Customise all of your characters! Not just their equipment, but their appearance, class, and skills too! Unlike other games, in Midnight Wave tactical sprites, portraits, and platform fighter sprites all change appearance accordingly.

  • Elemental Combat: Wreak havoc on the battlefield with the elements! Freeze your enemies, burn them alive, or blow them away! Manipulate the environment to your advantage.

  • Local Multiplayer: Enjoy local multiplayer with up to four friends! Choose your character and fight head to head in platform fighter combat.


We recently released a character creator for the game. In it you’ll be able to customise the gender, class, and colours of your character, as well as give them a name and save a picture of them!
You can also generate a unique character code, which you can then share with your friends. Applying a character code within the app will automatically set up the character to match the code.

It’s is available as a free download from itch.io.
We’re really excited to see all the different characters everyone makes with it!


For more details, check out www.midnightwavegame.com