Version 0.4.0 Released

Version 0.4.0 is now available on iOS and Android!

New Features

  • Leaderboards

    • The Top Leaderboard displays the top 10 players in the world

    • The Me Leaderboard displays your position, along with the players around you

  • Gameplay Stats are now recorded as you play, and can be seen in the Stats section of the score menu. You’ll get to see your total, average, and max of the following

    • Distance travelled

    • Time played

    • Dark Matter collected

    • Jumps made

  • Passive Items!

    • “+ Speed” gives faster movement around planets

    • “+ Jump” gives bigger jumps

    • “- Star Speed” makes the star move more slowly

    • “- Turrets” makes turrets less likely to spawn

    • “- Asteroids“ makes asteroids less likely to spawn

  • Bots!

    • Vox won’t do much other than follow you around as you play, but we’ll be adding something fun for him in the future!

    • Seph, Kay, and Ilo are other bots who we will be adding in a later update.

  • Prices have been adjusted in the store to be cheaper

  • Dark Matter Orbs artwork has been updated to match the UI Icon used for Dark Matter

  • Notification Icons on specific UI elements

  • The tutorial graphics have been updated to be clearer and easier to understand

  • Player movement on planets has been reworked to allow for better control when aiming where to jump

  • Players will now jump off planets, instead of fall off, when the planet they are standing on is destroyed by the star

  • Fixed the left bumper wall bouncing the player downwards instead of upwards

  • Fixed asteroids not bouncing the player out in the right directions

  • Lots of fixes to lots of bugs

  • Lots of optimisations made to both gameplay, and the UI