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Star Escape is an intense competitive infinite jumper in space! Catapult from planet to planet, and use gravity to slingshot your way past danger and across the universe. Continue onwards and upwards, but most importantly, move faster than everyone else!

Race against friends to avoid falling off the shared screen

Local Multiplayer with up to 10 Players

Use your GravBoost or Jetpack to fly through space

Pick up and use Tools like Freeze and Swap to beat your opponents

Choose a Passive Item to equip from a big selection, such as the Magnet or Speed Increase

Bring along a Drone Companion to help you out as you stay focused on staying alive

Collect Power-ups like the Shield to become more powerful as you go

Dodge deadly energy blasts, lasers, homing missiles, burning comets, and aliens all out to get you

Collect Dark Matter and use it in the store to buy cool new items, interesting characters, and bots

Get a higher score the further you climb

Play as a number of different characters, including Ihp the dinosaur, and Flarb the alien

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