Star Escape: Ihp’s Adventure

Star Escape: Ihp’s Adventure is a difficult-but-fun intense sidescrolling platformer! Jump from planet to planet across Star Systems from all over the universe, and avoid the deadly pull of the star’s gravity!
Coming to iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

You play as Ihp, a simple dinosaur leading a simple life on Planet Earth. Ihp is generally happy about being alive. Unfortunately for him, his happy lifestyle is destroyed when he’s visited by a group of robots from the distant future. These robots have been tasked with finding new exhibitions for zoos in their time, and Ihp is next on their list! However, the robots aren’t the most competent at their job, and break the entire space-time continuum, accidentally starting the apocalypse. Accompanied by his new “friends”, Seph, Yuph, and Kay, Ihp is now off on a fast-paced adventure, trying to stay alive against all odds and find a new home.

Meet Ihp, the unluckiest dinosaur on the planet.

Meet Ihp, the unluckiest dinosaur on the planet.

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The game’s objective is simple: escape the star, and get the highest score you can, by jumping from planet to planet.

To help him along the way, Ihp can use items, activate powerups, and get some help from his robot buddies to keep him alive. Ihp will also collect Dark Matter, which can be used to buy cool new items and upgrades, as well as cosmetics and other characters.

As our first solo project, we’ve been spending a lot of time designing the game from the ground up to be challenging but fair. We’ve learnt a lot from our experience with Hopper, and have put those lessons to good use. We’ve also tried to give the game some real personality, with a fun little story and some…memorable characters.

We’re really looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and can’t wait to get the game ready for you to play!

Keep up with development on our Development Blog here.

Want to play RIGHT NOW? Check out Ihpper’s Game Jam version, Hopper, on!